Carroll-Lewellen Funeral & Cremation Services is proud to serve all cemeteries and faiths since 1922

Cemetery Pricing

Foothills Gardens of Memory

2013 Cemetery Pricing

Burial Spaces
Garden of the Good Shepherd $1295
Victory Garden $1995
Mount Calvary Garden $2195
Christus Garden $2595

Cremation Choices

Cremation Niches (for two) $2800
Cremation Benches (for 2 starting) $3500
Memorial Benches (starting) $1500

Opening and Closing
Full Burial $1295
Cremation In Ground $ 650
Cremation Niches $ 200
Burial Vaults are required for all ground burials
Minimum Concrete Liner $ 800
Sealing Oxford Vault, (choice colors) $1395

Vault Installation Fee $ 200

Concrete Lawn Crypt, please call for details. (303)776-0202
(For two burials in one space)

Cremation vaults are required for urns in ground burial
Minimum Concrete Liner $ 200
Non Sealing Double $ 250
Millenium Oversized Sealing Vault $ 300
Double Sealing Vault for Two Urns $ 350


Double interments available with 2nd right purchase.
Second right price is half of the first right.
One burial and one cremation per space or two cremations per space.

Saturdays before Noon $ 800
Saturdays after Noon $1000
Sundays (Before 12 p.m.) $1200

Holidays Call for Quote

Evening Twilight Services (weekdays only)
(Burials arriving in the cemetery between 4:00pm-6:00pm,
June1st to August 30th)
Burial $ 600
Cremation $ 400

Burial within 24 Hours of Death
Families using Carroll-Lewellen
Funeral & Cremation Services $ 450
Outside Funeral Home $ 900

Additional Services at Foothills
Pallbearer Fee $ 100
Snow Removal Fee (Nov. 1st to Apr. 1st) $ 50

Mountian View Cemetery in Longmont(Prices Available upon request for any cemetery in Colorado)